To edit pages on the LGLibtech wiki, you must be a registered user and logged in. If you have any questions about joining the wiki or how to edit text within the wiki, please contact the site's wikimaster.

Editing Pages

Each editable page on Wikispaces has an "edit" button at the top of the page. Click on the "edit" button to bring up the page editor. The page editor allows you to add text and pictures to a page and to format that page. The editor has a visual mode and a plain text mode.

1. What's the visual editor?
Wikispaces' visual editor lets you see the final look and feel of a page before you save it. It's just like using a word processor. Javascript is required for this editor.

2. What's the text editor?
The text editor allows you to edit the raw wikitext of a page.

3. How do I switch between the two editor modes?
When in the visual editor, click "Use Text Editor" to switch to text mode. When in the text editor, click "Use Visual Editor" to switch to visual mode. You can set your default editor mode in your "My Account" page.

Adding files

You can easily add files (eg Word documents or PDFs) . First use the 'Pages and Files' option from the menu options at the top left of any page. Follow the route to 'Upload' files. Once the file has been uploaded to the wiki you can link to it (to enable it to be downloaded), First selected the edit option (at the top right of the screen) for the page you want to edit. Click the cursor to where you want to add the file. Use 'Insert images and files' option from the toolbar at the top of the edit screen (in visual edit mode). You'll need to locate the file -if it's not listed you can search or use the 'my recent upload' pull down menu option from the 'show' box. Insert the file, click save and then try it out to confirm the file can be downloaded


Wikitext is the markup language for wikis. Here you can find out the text markup rules that Wikispaces uses. Remember that you can skip wikitext entirely by using the visual editor. However, if the visual editor is not available (as in certain browsers like Safari), knowing some wikitext could be useful. You might also use wikitext if you would like to format discussion posts or if you would like to add advanced features to your Wikispace, such as anchors or includes.

Common Formatting

Heading 1

heading 1

Heading 2

heading 2

Heading 3

heading 3

Bulleted List
  • list
Numbered List
  1. numbered
Monospaced Font
curly braces
` `escaping` ` (surround in double backtick characters).
  • indent
Horizontal Line

Right-to-Left text
rtl ... rtl (the rtl tags must be on their own lines)

Adding links in Wikitext

Page Link
label or just pagename
Page Link in Another Wiki
label or just space/pagename
Labeled URL

Link to an Anchor
DisplayText For more on this, read our section on **anchors above**.

Examples of links using Wikitext

foo will display the text "foo" on the page and this will be a link to the page in this wiki also called "foo".
bar will display the text "bar" on the page which will be a link to the page in this wiki called "foo".
hep/the will display the text "hep:the" on the page which will be a link to the page called "the" in the "hep" wiki .
bar will display the text "bar" on the page which will be a link to the page called "the" in the "hep" wiki.